Letterscapes as artboosts

Client cases

The works of mine are also respresented at the community ARTBOOST, where I am featured with both a webshop and in the business segment.

I produce LETTERSCAPES, which is a concept and philosophy combing letters, shapes, colourfulness, sharp lines, organic lines into a type-based “worlds” from words.
“Letters are energy, so when they are combined,
words become “worlds” or universes to explore”

Good Vibes Jam

Mads Sonne Bremholm was invited to take part in Good Vibes Jam 2018 in Greve, Denmark – an event with international artists from Brazil, Ukraine, Sweden, Venezuela and Denmark which was arranged and hosted by Street Studies (a creative placemaking network) and Greve Municipality’s city planning. The goal of the Good Vibes Jam was to breathe life, imagination, fantasy, inspiration into an unsafe and rarely used tunnel, so the citizens and the local community turned their fear and insecurity of using the tunnel into something positive and uplifting thus potentially even created a stronger sense of ownership, which connects them to their everyday lives.

Sct. Joseph

This client-based mural was created for Sct. Joseph, a community space for seniors in Copenhagen in 2014 by Mads Sonne Bremholm. The client wanted a fresh, modern, abstract piece of wall art, which accommodated the beautiful, original Catholic entrance to a former church hall, which now acts as a very popular place for concerts, dance events, musical evenings, meetings, celebrations, festivals, with a lot of visitors, artists, performers etc.