Changing the spray paint game -

I have given my time as brand strategic advisor for and are now entering the next phase. It has been brain bounce session, encouragement and discoveries with stakeholders in retail, for international known artist and festival organizers.

A lot of initiatives are taking place behind the scenes, building the foundation for making the spray paint industry sustainable.
in 2024 things are heading into revenue streams, all of the involved pushing the agenda, standing up and taking part reducing the waste in this industry.

so yes, i am a proud member of aerosol alliance, so reach out by mail

Aerosol Alliance is the platform, where you can:

  1. Learn about environmental impact of certain brands or manufacturers.
  2. Get insight in the most eco-friendly way of organizing festival.
  3. Play a bigger part and take action in changing the waste extensive sector into a circular business model

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Change the scene with creativity

I am always open for new collaborations and new
joint ventures, so being both grounded in corporate and commercial brand
development, sustainable business change management and being an artist
as well, it was only a matter of time until these two seemingly
different paths got integrated and weaved together.

I have been on instagram for some time and a lot of artists are in my stream. The aerosol community and especially environmental concern, climate change and sustainability has been getting more and more focus.

Together with the team of curators, organizers, painters, artists and co2 footprint specialists, I offered my input to strategy and brand development for Aerosol Alliance.

From an idea on a napkin to a sustainable and commercial business, i used the framework and tools from the #brandthinkingcanvas and #audiencemapping used by Anne Miltenburg and the community BrandTheChange

I have applied my impact business design skills – both as an artist but also as a brand strategist, and have shared expertise about brand development, brand identity and have provided valuable, commercial input to strengthen the business model and revenue streams, and lets keep the ball rollin´.

This shows one of the founding members working at the #brandthinkingcanvas, in order build the brand and communication

Aerosol Alliance

The Aerosol Alliance makes the graffiti scene a more sustainable one.

It’s set up by a rapidly expanding group of graffiti artists, street artists, organizers and curators that share a passion for the use of spray cans, an alliance together with you, the manufacturers, to work on climatsolutions.

Late December 2021 the first newsletter was sent out, a website is in the works and the activation of making a change for the better for the worldwide community

The Aerosol Alliance is founded by:

  1. Vincent Huibers. Curator Step in the Arena festival. Netherlands.
  2. Tina Ziegler. Director of Moniker Art fair. UK
  3. Luc Hillege. Environmental specialist at Ecochain. Netherlands
  4. Askew one. New Zealand/USA
  5. Vans the Omega. Australia

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