Unique, original art gifts

Having a style like mine may not the most commercial and accessible compared to characters, landscape or motifs, that people can relate to upfront. Nevertheless, I have sold many works, done a few commissions and even company gifts or fan-gear. Heres a few examples of how I have been done jobs and even more happier clients.

Thank you for all, and I am indeed grateful


The LENOVO painting was a company gift from ALSO, who wanted to give a unique, original present which used the brand colours and brand guidelines and featured the uniqueness of the products.

Initial sketches were presented and subsequently approved regarding colour scheme, shapes/symbols, logos as graphic elements. The process and the materials used was print outs & stencil cutting. The design phase consisted of composing and building letterscapes on canvas, working with different layers and effects. The end-customer feedback was that it is really on point, illustrating another, artistic, abstract view on the laptop products, which can easily be adapted and scaled to business product lines or business areas.

I was asked by my manager at my work ALSO to make a unique poster/painting for the new domicile of Lenovo Denmark. Instead of the “typical” 6 bottles of red wine, chocolate or similar, this proved to be a good idea.

The picture on the right shows the actual, very prominent placement of the artwork, a room where a lot people are passing by and perhaps gets inspired by it… The canteen!

I took references from the YOGA product and its multiple folding modes. Naturally using the colour scheme and the very significant capital L as a marker. The picture on the right shows a few other renditions of the same concept.


I was approached by a friend of mine, who is a huge football/soccer fan, especially the LIVERPOOL FC, so he ordered a unique, canvas using my “styles” and approach as a “goodbye present” for his now, former colleague.
The limitations I chose to use, was the LIVERBIRD, FIVE STARS and the theme song “YNWA”, which is not connected to any hip-hop related at all, but the term: YOU´ll NEVER WALK ALONE

And this is the final result of the painting hanging at the wall in the clients home. Always enjoy seeing the work situated in a happy home. Loves seeing those smiling faces of the people, when they receive unique artwork.


It was well-known at my workplace, that I do unique, original mixed media posters/canvas work. The gift for DATACON, situated in Allerød, Denmark, intended to express the logotype and brand colours as an original artwork, which employees, customers, external partners could connect and relate to.

The process included a print out of logotypes, symbols and graphics, achieving the balance and dynamics between the sharp lines, clear cut circles, and abstract, organic linework. Since it was produced later (the year 2017) it contained an improved sense of details, achieved through practices and experimentation in a playful, none-commercial and investigative manner.

For the Jubilee of Datacon, I was asked to produce work, consisting of the logo, typography and their brand colours.
I have often seen other artists sharing their work and the processes, so these pictures give you an insight into the stencil work, selecting the colours, background work, textures and finally the end result.

If you can imagine a similar work for your company, or celebration or perhaps your favourite cartoon for the children’s room, contact me and let’s have a dialogue of what you would like.
– Talk to you soon.

FC København

I was booked for another fan art project, where I did yet another football artwork. This use of the logo, and the typography was a fun exercise for me, working with stencils, different shades