I have previously painted at a few international global events, and the year 2021 included a spot at Meeting of Styles, which happened in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I did an interior art job at WERKSTATT167 in the spring, and met a kindred spirit painting the pillar (5 meters tall, 50 cm wide and 4 x flat surfaces) next to me.

We had a different, yet similar approach to artwork, combining the abstract, dynamic and free flowing colors, where the magic and accidents happens, which….stay on the wall.

The concept was to do cut up details of the same character, duplicating the letters and mix the lines, letters and repeat the elements of the characters in one consistent expression.

Meeting of Styles has for me always been about doing new ideas, collaborating and mix the expressions, and trust the open process and the flow of creating the artwork, so Ben Slow and me applied as a group and became part of the 40+ crowd decorating around and in the freetown Christiania.

Since MOS coincided with the 50th year celebration of the Freetown Christiania, the red color of was used a base color.

The process of working on the same wall, adding and removing each persons signature lines and aim for a consistent, detailed co-created output was a fun, chilled and unique experience.

Letterscapes is a generic way of writing letters, fragments of such, abstract and organic lines, which gives an organic, living, less constrained doing urban contemporary art.

Next up is more ways to collaborate, do prints or collateral, lets see where the path leads me.