F.C. København - Fantastic Creative Fan art

In case your favourite color, size, motif of my work has not really resonated with you, I also do commissions, both as mural work (indoors, outdoors) or personalized unique canvas, celebrating birthdays, festive moments, as housewarming gifts, or illustrating your favourite football team – so far it has been a pleasure doing jobs with insignia with F.C. Liverpool, F.C. København and maybe a Real Madrid is up next?

Football is extremely popular in Denmark and one of the most known teams is FCK – with the very distinctive colors of blue, red, white and gold –
I do have a lot works in the online shop for inspiration, which I have exhibited and sold privately “as-is”, being original and unique work – but this work was done as #fanart for dedicated fan of FCK – one of the best and most popular football teams in DK.

The exchange of ideas between the client and me condensed into having the logo AND the tagline written/sketched above and below the center.

Success is temporary

Loyalty is forever

– Drawing the letters Success and Loyalty in a “semi-wildstyle” and writing the additional lines by hand –

It become one of the best commissioned works, that I have done – figuring out a method and process doing cut-outs, add elements and details, working with layers upon layers!

Hope that you like it – what about you?

Do you have a favourite sport team of yours? and would you like a customised personal artwork

Then reach out, and lets create something beautiful together