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As a corresponding activity from the festival, there is a book available with artwork and stories, background and initiatives supporting the community of Slagelse.

The book is highly limited stock, and it is NOT for sale in the usual bookstores #analoguevibes, but it can be ordered by request.

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My works has been published in several other publications, so take a look for the niche- and high fashion magazines

Are we united? Do we stand with Ukraine?

At the heels of the commitment at Danish Refugee Council and my work as a volunteer, doing graffiti with refugee children, another related event was on the horizon.

I was invited to the Slagelse Street Art festival, a festival of 20 top professional national and international artists who are doing murals and surfaces, painting the next steps in the history of Slagelse. I got the blessing to paint alongside some of the best artists on the scene.

The lineup is curated by Institut for Urban Kunst, and there’s definitely eye candy and styles for miles.

There was around 20 artists, and here are just some of them:

A stunner location for Unity!

The designated wall measured 3,6×3,6 meter and it was a stunner location at the City Hall Square. (Rådhuspladsen)

I wanted to express my viewpoint, coloured by the war in Ukraine, so I used the word Unity in a light, dark, yellow/orange colourscheme – maybe hinting at the Orange Revolution as well?

Since the message was important and should be readable, I started out doing first lines and almost kept them untouched, unaltered until the finished piece.

It became a mix of something abstract, but still using the identities, lines, curves and trademarks of the letters.

During the 3 days event, I met with other international and national artists, and really enjoyed the vibes, and the support from the organizers.

It was a honor to be able to paint and put up my letterscapes, being part of the History of Slagelse and the inhabitants, when it comes to cityscapes and the urban intervention

The location is just at the City Square/Rådhuspladsen (2) and the sunlight and optimal viewing time without any other distractions such as shadows etc, are mornings before 12.00 .

If you want to visit the place, I would love to hear your opinion about it, and please do tag me (#madssonne, instagram: madssonne) if possible.