What is LetterScapes?

Mads Sonne Bremholm is an urban contemporary artist, born in Denmark, behind LetterScapes.

A concept and philosophy combing letters, shapes, colourfulness, sharp lines, organic lines into a type-based “worlds” from words. Letters are energy, so when they are combined, words becomes “worlds” or universes to explore.

The method is about unfold the narrative of different formats, from illustration to posters and murals. There is no predefined angle from which the work should be observed. Every viewer has their own preference, “tuning” in with the artwork from the most inspiring angle.

Mads Sonne Bremholm is also an impact business designer, through the means of branding, communication, strategy and business development providing sustainable value in context of businesses, society and the environment – How does Mads Sonne Bremholm contribute to sustainability?


The painted word and the evocative words, echoes of the spoken word, the Letter;a living Entity of form and life.
How do you give a Letter soul and spirit? A journey, a deeper exploration of the characters, landscapes, images of the abstract, concrete and figurative. Works and worlds from words. Lines are drawn in the sand
….Abruptly transformed by roaring tidal waves and silence.

– relates to the concept and the philosophy combing landscapes, letters, typography, re-imagined shapes, motifs, abstract, openness, colourfulness, sharp lines, organic lines into a type-based abstract, figurative wall, canvas, print, which you can interpret as your imagination.

Working with words, letters, typography has to lead me through the advertising business, graphic design, but have ventilated a desire and curiosity to go deeper, split the letters to atoms, only presenting/showing details and key features of the letters. I have posted my history of how I started and how I look at fex. graffiti on this post, where I give insights in how or what my work has manifested.

Letterscapes and exhibitions

Examples of Letterscapes on walls