National wall

I wonder

I am using the artwork outlet to test and try out new ways of comibing forms, splashes, brush strokes and spray paint.


This piece came into reality on a legal walls in Copenhagen and had a time limit of 10 hours.
It was done over two days – basking in the in streaks of sun and listening to traffic like a soundtrack to the work.

Using a limited colourscheme, maybe some hints at my work at Meeting of Styles /Mixing of Style, but this time around way more tight and a bit more focused on details and interplay of colors.


Theres a lot of really interesting details, which I am want use or at least apply in my new body of work – I have already done a few #letterscapes in the similar vibe of work

From wall to wall?

If you like what you see, and can envision this style in your office, your home, corporate showroom or maybe on smaller scale canvas, then reach out and lets have chat about