Art for change and art can change!

Usually when I do artwork, I am inspired by words, or events that effect me.

Art expressions are therapeutic process, working out emotions, feelings or a desire to explore.

Since February 24th 2022, Ukraine has been at war, and my personal involvement in these matters is due to my ongoing marriage with a steadfast, strong, all embracing Ukrainian powerful woman.

Having been to Ukraine several times, visited friends it felt as natural strong desire to take action.

During a few months in the Spring of 2022, I signed up as a volunteer for DRC (Dansk Flygtningehjælp) with a focus on children’s activities.

I had an idea to do #letterscapes and #graffiti with the refugees, mostly children from 5-13.

After a few sessions of making artwork with their own name, family members, they started making letters and graffiti themselves, experimenting with their own style, colourschemes, adding effects, shadows etc in an intercultural, multilingual context.

Beyond I shared what I have been taught and practised within the realm of #graffiti since 1986, I also used several books as visual cues or guide to what can be done with letters and #letterscapes.

I hope that I have brought just a tiny spark of creativity, joy and inspiration to the children

I have done several works expressing a desire to use my talents and be vocal and visual about my standpoint, both as canvas and artworks for sale, and a far bigger mural with the word UNITY, symbolizing that I #standwithUkraine