In Copenhagen theres a few legal walls, and I have been lucky enough to made a few images on the walls. My previous piece at this location have been immortalized by Google, meaning that when you search for: “Westend, Copenhagen, Denmark” you will my wall “Love”, which I did in 2014.- Take a look here.


I was asked to do another production, and this time I wanted to do a bit different. When I paint “graffiti”, I usually have a word, or idiom, that resonates and stays, lingers on inside, until I am done with it or have absorbed it.


For the past months, I have been thinking about the term, “Ekko/Echoes”, which for me, sums up the concept of experiencing something outside (hearing, tasting, seeing etc.) which leaves an “echo” inside. Like a lasting impression of the experience. The wall was intended to have speech-bubbles to “guide” or make the viewer reflect upon, what resonates or reflects in her or his mind/being. During the process of making the double production – again, to enhance the aspect of repetition and echo´ing each opposite walls – a lot of passerbys came up to me and told me, that they liked the colourscheme, which made me happy and motivated.

The first wall have the background letters, which reads: “EKKO” and the pattern/fill reads “ECHOES”, where theres a few E´s , C´s, O´s and E´s.
The opposite wall read O and S (like the last letters in the words “EKKO/ECHOES”. It was collaboration with a friend, who did the amazing 3D letters, and it was really a lot of fun making this co-production and the combination of styles have a lot of potential and we are already planning the next one. The walls measures 10 mtr x 3 mtr x 2, so do you get the picture?