International walls

I have painted several places all over the world, enjoyed the vibes of being abroad and perhaps paint more freely and without the pressure. Bringing my aesthetics and approach to countries such as the UK, Russia, Viet Nam, Sweden etc.

Meeting of Styles: Dharma Karma

I have painted several times during Meeting of Styles, an international graffiti jam, which has brought me to Magdeburg, Wiesbaden and has painted my take on concepts such as “cause and effect” and “mind over matter”.

See how it came it to be

Walls in Viet Nam

I travelled Viet Nam for two months in 2018 and went from the south (HCMC) to fly out of Hanoi at the end of October. Here I got the chance to paint a few walls, trying to encapsulate my impressions.
Take a look here and here

Global Street Elements

I have participated in few street art and graffiti festivals (jams) recently.

The first one was: Global street Elements taking place in Helsingborg, Sweden, where I did my first “collaborative” merged piece, combining 3D and more flat graphic styles

Jago Yoga in UK

For the first time, I had the chance and blessing to be able to visit Bristol and Upfest 2015 for another spraycation. I took part of the biggest street art festival in Europe, Upfest, and I did a wall, which happened to become my most famous piece. Check it out