One of my good friends had for a long time expressed interest in my art and my approach to Style Writing, having seen my paintings, my canvas work and murals, and noticed an unique “voice” or at least a bit original compared to my colleagues and peers.

She introduced me to an event, where I could share the passion and nerd out or into miniscule details in how I perceived typography, communication and history in the context of urban interaction.

I have this feeling of adding one side project on top and never really feels at peace with one aspect.

Maybe its impatience, or a inner dynamic leading me to continue to write and be creative, no matter the format.

The location was “Founders House” a office hub for founders, entrepreneurs, so I wanted to document or at least with a starting point my story share what I have achieved and the impact I can create or have created as an urban contemporary artist, with works available in the webshops, exhibitions or even international mural work.

  • How can a illustration or a desire for letters, typography be a foundation for global recognition
  • How can one be invited to be part of graffiti history?
  • Can artwork change history?
  • Can we, or do we write and re-write history?

You gotta have style, and learn to be original is quote from the MC KRS-one (“Knowledge Reigns Supreme”) an MC from my classic hip hop days: Boogie down Productions.

Making the presentation I reflected about how I could from historical moment in time trace back to the classic days and I recalling that specific track or those lines attracted me most in regard to graffiti.
Having these lines in mind, as my North Star Metric had inspired me from early days of 1986 up until now, has been an constant process of seeking and finding my own voice, my own palette, my own Style of Writing.

I had 20 min for my presentation and I wanted ask the questions about why, what can be a motivation, and how artists has created, carved, painted messages from their point of view to be interpreted through the lens of future times – it became a dynamic story, sharing experiences from the more “unlawful” side of graffiti, writers stories or even questions about choosing colourschemes, sketching and applications.

The reference point in my talk are these:
• SUBWAY ART (book)
• Art at a Local scale ( Avaaz)
• Good vibes ( DK)
• Art at a Global scale (Sense)
• Graffiti 50.

If you are interested, you can find more perspectives on my philosophy and how I strive to be original in a global international movement at the last link.

Does it sound interesting? Do you want to see the presentation?

If you want to know in depth about how it went from scribbly lines on paper, over using spraycans to international storytelling or mural work, then let´s connect and have a conversation.

And also:
Can you imagine that instead of giving 12 bottles of wine as gifts, you can present an affordable, unique artwork?
Or maybe you have the perfect location for exhibiting the artwork?

then let´s continue the conversation!

Stay original, keep writing and create history

Pictures from the presentation was inspired by this article