We Y Me

This is a curated wall in Rødovre, and i was invited to cover the 13 meters and I could spend as much time as I wanted on it. It was done over 3 days and after about 2 hours per meter I was happy with it.

The location is Rødovre address and can be viewed until the building behind it is ready to be presented.

The title of the work is “We Y Me”, and can be interpreted and should be viewed from an individual perspective.

The following is my Story and process:

It was a message I had been thinking about for the past several months, working with the complexity and contrast between “eye of the media vs. eye of the storm”.

The contrast between silence and noise, between static and dynamic expression.

We/Me has the same letters, but with a big difference in the social dimension, the coexistence I wanted to juxtapose for a meta-layer in my #letterscapes.

It’s a relationship between the 2 parties. Are you “me” in a “we”, or is it the collectivity and “we” – where it is me? It can be read both forwards and backwards, as it can be “me” asking why us? Or it can be “we” dissolving or falling creating distance and distance from me. Something of “me” seeps into we,

The strict form of the letter and the communicative is dissolved, the basic stem erased. A playful word, that guide you in the right direction.

The angular, geometric shapes, an indication and hint of a sign, an openness, a welcome and a welcoming. The foreground blends into the background.

During the process of manifesting this work, the expression sparked interest and curiosity and some said:
It looks a lot like like flames (can you keep love alive?), on fire, a quivering and crackling sensation.
Others thought the architectural and geometric shapes looked like buildings that had been turned upside down.

There is the same base color throughout the wall, with 2 different tones at each end of the spectrum.

The base color indicates a community around “Something”, the base and essence of our being, whether we are alone or in more than twosomeness, there is a base tone, a unifying force, where the words We and Me have other distinctive colors to show the difference.

My priority in 2023 has been to create a few larger scale walls and focus on exhibitions. Fall 2023 offers 2 exhibitions so far, the first is in Albertslund “Passion & Purpose” – Pizzagalleriet, Albertslund August – October 2023) and the second is in Rødovre from November 2023 until January

If you would like a painting, either on a larger scale like this one, or smaller works that would fit in your home office, workplace or living room, you are welcome to drop by the creative workshop for a chat.