Letterscapes and publications

;My work and artistic output have been featured in several publications.
Besides my humble contribution to the History of Urban Interaction page-by-page by some of the most influential urban artists within #graffiti and #stylewriting.

One trait of my Letterscapes (and naturescapes!) is that it seems to appeal in a cross-over environement and it appears both in underground magazines, extremely niche;-), innit? as nature admiration motifs and in style/fashion magazines.

Theres a few more publications in the pipeline, which will be posted shortly

I submitted a few photographs for the Nature & Animals edition of the magazine TOP POSTERS.
They were taken in places such as Lofoten, Norway and Dueodde, Bornholm.
Theres more pictures available on Unsplash or Pexels

Artwork can be letterscapes, escaping the conventions – Sometimes I create a piece of art and magic happens without any afterthought or iterations.
One person in my network resonates with the work, and almost instantly, they express a liking to it and reach out to me.

The works featured in the edition of TOP POSTERS are remixed works, abstracts of already produced work, but also includes a glimpse of a recent commissioned wall at WERKSTATT167

Travelling always means opportunities to paint, either solo productions or collaborate with local artists. I have painted internationally as long as I have painted graffiti, New Zealand being the first foreign country for me to do walls with Letterscapes.

when I was in Viet Nam in 2018, I condensed the experiences in words and images, but also got around to do 3 walls, where one of them was submitted to the ABSTRACT GRAFFITI MAGAZINE issue 2 – 2021.
If you are keen on abstract graffiiti and artists who tread new paths or perspectives on graffiti, wall art, then pick up the magazine at your art supplier.
Perhaps at Urban Spree?

From underground and extremely niche, to the high fashion and style, is for me, an example of broad mass appeal and that the style can be applied for different audiences and segments.
From abstract graffiti to THE STYLE RESEARCHER MAGAZINE which a fashion and style magazine

The artwork featured was an abstract from the AVAAZ wall, which I did in collaboration with Lauritz Hansen, a superb illustrator and a very good friend.
AVAAZ means ´voice´ and is also a global community within social change, sustainability, social injustice, climate action.

Skærmbillede 2021-05-21 kl. 17.09.00

So yes, application of my work can both be seen and experienced outdoors, semi-outdoors or as interior design in the format of posters, canvas or even mixed media.

Thank you for reading this far, and thank you for your patience.

I hope that you are inspired, and if you have an idea for a poster, wallspace, decoration or maybe an unique personalised gift, send me mail on: web@sofira.dk or call: +45 24275577
Keep creating change.