National walls

Painting walls nationally always brings good fun times, chilling with fellow writers, sharing experiences and insights, but also enjoy the few solo-joints as well, where I have been in “the zone”, achieving the state of flow and pure meditation, always questioning the lines, the dynamics.

Heres a few selected works:


This collaborative piece came to be in a fun, open, playful atmosphere with my homie: Lauritz, who did the character. For me, its more open and free way of painting, sticking only to two colours and tighten it up with sharp contrast colours.

Avaaz means “voice” in many languages, so take a look at how I communicate


A community based event, where all the four elements of hip hop culture are presented.I had a wallspace alongside many different expressions, so the whole tunnel became an experience, almost through different moods and atmospheres. Enter the tunnels of art

I find it very motivating to have an open approach to use materials such as spray, markers and brushes and creating an inner world, which balances between contrasting colours, soft organic lines and action-painting style of compositions, only having the guide of a few broader marked lines on the wall as navigation. Do you feel liberated?

Being begin

have had the words “Begin/Being” circling in my mind for some time. I am really fond of the play and interaction of words, so I have also prepared a canvas with these words. Abstract letterscapes, symbolizing energy and stillness. Being the beginning