Corporate exhibitions, non-public or public spaces have also been a way of presenting the work.
Mads Sonne Bremholm explores the different aspects and formats in a gallery or corporate setting.

What you as the viewer, often experiences in an exhibition, is a “mapping” of the process from illustrations with pencil, markers unto printed details, where the unique and original one-off posters, a canvas of larger and smaller sizes, suitable for the home office or interior decoration, ranging from 10×15 cm to 90×60 cm canvas/posters.

Its always a collaboration with the company or gallery owner having a dialogue and conversation concerning the style of preference, what the employees like to be inspired or rejuvenated by, taken in the account the limitations of office spaces.
The fact of the artwork does not have a signature in the lowest right corner, so the positioning on the wall can be altered accordingly to where the work resonates or “looks best”.

The experience of the blessing of presenting the work in public, or corporate spaces has facilitated a connection with the viewers. People who have been inspired by seeing the work, maybe “fell in love” with a particular expression or at least it resonated within in such way, so they have decided to own the work or larger parts of output which often ties together in similar vibe or energy.

Here´s short video showing the process:

You can download the most present introduction to the artworks here

You can find several posts about the exhibitions and most of the posts features catalogues, pricing, formats, mediums as well.
The exhibitions are listed on the references, or you can find a few of them here: