UPDATE: 15 pcs of works sold, mainly smaller illustrations and paintings!

As a follow-up from my latest exhibition, I have produced another batch of new works. I was lucky enough to be invited to exhibit at a very relevant corporate business. It’s within the business area of architecture, building and construction work Wissenberg, situated on Nørrebro, Copenhagen.
These works are exhibited from September thru October 2017.

Many have asked how this approach can be used for for example decorating childrens room or as a commissioned poster/print, and you can get an idea here and here

I am lucky and blessed to be able to present 48 of artworks ranging from illustrations, canvas to hand-embellished printed posters.
The overview of the exhibited works, prices and SOLD works are presented here.

Are you curious?
If you are interested in seeing more of my works, then please send me a mail or give me a call. I am currently residing in Hvidovre, Copenhagen, Denmark, so come by for a studio visit