Do angels have words
or wings?

I read somewhere recently, that angels or celestial beings actually do not have wings. Was it the bible project? and it inspired me to contemplate upon how angels do appear in the “physical world”, or at least in shapes or forms, we would understand or comprehend. It could persons giving us support, offering help, kind actions or comforting words.

I had this sentence, which circulated in my attention and the variations of it, like in:

  • Angels do not have wings, they have words.
  • My angels do not have wings, they are your words.
  • Your angels do not have wings, they will have my words.
  • Our angels do not have wings, they will have words.

This wall contains fragments of the letters #A, #W #G #S, but more like shapes or areas to contain the energy /the character of the letter. As usual, the words or sentences keeps remaining in my focus, needs to be manifested, so maybe the next couple of works will have remnants of that theme.