Poems and pictures

I have travelled 26 countries so far, distilled the experiences in words and feelings, taken pictures all trying to encompass and embrace the impressions. The beautiful scenery, the discoveries, the fall outs, the highs, the mysteries, the thrills. Destinations have so far included Viet Nam, Norway, Iceland, China, Denmark, Nepal, India, New Zealand...

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If you want to see more pictures; i have uploaded some of them at theses platforms:

Viet Nam

I went for a few months travelling in Viet Nam in fall 2018 and produced a book afterwards. I managed to paint a few walls, while travelling, which you can find in HCMC and Hanoi



she says, that she wants to marry me.
she says that she will kill her, if she does

Throwing me back, backwards, back to the enlightening phase.
the place of no worries, a safe place, but where should i stay over?
you are here, there, representing a part of me, of wanted love and care.
those sweet words, that caress, that exchange of lifted awareness
you are here, but not there. if only,
you dont belong there, but you are leading me, poisoning the trustworthiness.
it will not happen, never happen, not here, but you are chasing my dreams.

Netop det at vi ikke kan være sammen, gør at vi vil.

You arrive suddenly, you look deep within and question me
A part of the impossible love. An area within, neglected and tossed away.
Cry, little boy.
Caring, tower of trust. Eroding from below. Erupting.

freedom is riding just in front of me. closer.
words gets carried away, through the hair, turned the head to hear the words. the scent of the hair, the miniscule, the incremental changes.
The rides, the stops, the curves, closer and shifting of energy.
Lean into it, absorbed, lifted up and away from the filthy mud, the burning mountain of waste. Along the riverbed, the swirling, the corners, the unbearable smell.

Rundt omkring

Verden drejer sig savtakkende langsomt og slæbende omkring, mens du er rummet med dine tanker.
Jeg murer mig selv inde af bristede håb og lave forventninger, mens, som en sjælløs tom skal, hilser og råber stille “godt, så er alt som det plejer”.

Lag på lag og ansigt til ansigt med mit eget jeg.
Går det forbi, går det over?


Well it was a ride, hitchhiking through space, reaching the land of the famous song. Sitting, breathing, alone, only the sound of small hissing of the transmitter. How did I get here, what did I do get there? Its Mars Life – my attention wandering down the suit, looking through the glass, the spheric, rounded shapes, the long distance to my fingers covered in fabric. Have been here for ages, time wears thin around these sites. My mission incomplete. Got to venture to the hatch, find the instruments, no clear and present danger.Lifting my hand, removing the fog from the inside. Suddenly I see shifting Ghost-like moving lights, what are they? Gotta investigate, opening the gates slowly, with full attention. Have seen in on video recordings before, From Phoenix and Curiosity there has been traces, small fragments of habitats. Surface water, wheel small movements of life unfolds
Taking these steps outside, keeping in mind of the sometimes intense smells and dangers of formaldehyde and ammonia can ruin my mission incomplete. trembling, half breathed down the stairs, closer to the ground. Taking steps, movements towards todays mission