Abstract letterscapes as wall art

“Mads solved the task in a smooth and proper manner and managed to create 2 very beautiful murals that appealed to both the elderly who were users of the place as well as the guests who came to the house. It helped make the room something special.
John Lagoni
Former manager at SeniorCentret Sct. Joseph

Letterscapes as murals and large scale works is also how Mads Sonne Bremholm connects with customers, who have available wall spaces for spicing up the location, creating an atmosphere of innovation, inspiration or even reflection.^
Setting the frame for “mind space” or even changing the “feel” of the room or facility.

This client-based relation happened for Sct. Joseph, a community space for seniors in Copenhagen in 2014. The client wanted a fresh, modern, abstract piece of wall art, which accommodated the beautiful, original Catholic entrance to a former church hall, which now acts as a very popular place for concerts, dance events, musical evenings, meetings, celebrations, festivals, with a lot of visitors, artists, performers etc.

The process
Since the designated space had a long legacy of historical significance, the collaboration with the client consisted of several sessions, exchanging ideas and themes bouncing back and forth.
In co-creation, two words were picked, summarizing what visitors and the public experienced as the core values and the experience of the place.

The alteration of the entrance hall created enjoyment, curiosity and contemplation for the visitors and really made the experience something unique and very special.
Having flexibility in regard to shapes, lines and letterscapes, really expresses multiple ways the expressions of Letterscapes as murals can be utilized “odd size” wall space.

This is the first wall of a commissioned project in Klærkesalen, Aktivitetscenter Skt. Joseph in Copenhagen, Denmark. This painting is about 4,5 meters tall x 2 meters wide and was composed on the letters: GLÆDE (“JOY)”, which encapsulated the atmosphere of the place. The letters disappeared and dissolved completely, so it was more play of colours, shapes and lines.

An opposite wall (3 1/2 mtr x 2 mtr.) Klærkesalen Part 2 “GLADE” (“happiness”) will be produced in a blue-ish- yellow orange colourscheme and will be finished ultimo May 2014. This is the second commissioned mural in 18 years!.. and I have tried to upscale the styles, that I do on canvasses.