2017 was the year of getting the domestic housing in order.
While having a fulltime job, I did a few freelance jobs, and arranged at the biggest solo exhibitions to date, and actually sold 15 pcs of work, which you can read more about it here

Only a few lines here and there were jotted down once in a while, but seeing and witnessing the blossoming and emergence of an aesthetics of my liking, sparked up an desire to be more extrovert with my illustrations, canvas, prints and walls.

I wanted to make a “end of the year” wall, embracing the styles, which I had practiced on canvas and illustrations for some time.
I find it very motivating to have an open approach to use materials such as spray, markers and brushes and creating an inner world, which balances between contrasting colors, soft organic lines and action-painting style of compositions.

I have recently made a few canvas works which made me relax and play with the textures and concrete lines and in a subtle manner, enhance the “hidden” lines and shapes.
My starting point are usually words, and letters, which I turn and twist unhindered and un-restricted.
Naturally the word: MOKSHA comes in, at least in my mind, which is a sanskrit word meaning: release, liberation, which kinda relates to my way of communicating

I started a few first lines, and laying down the basic coverpaint, mixing up brushstrokes and spray. Its an open process, only having the guide of a few broader marked lines on the wall as navigation.

Letting the process evolve, live, adding a few areas of colors, deciding and listening to my intuition about what should come next..

and next.. Taking a few steps back, looking at it full scale, travelling with the intuition and effects as I go along.

Huge thanks to Kim (3DE/SPM) for the spot and good company the first day.. and the fun and motivating company on the last day (Yes, I paint very faaaaaaassssstt…. Turtle speed) with mr. Dixone (TPN) and I am definitely game for hitting another wall, doing more experiments, and having focus on ONE colourscheme and keeping it simple and effective like my illustrations.

So what happens next?
And oh… big things in the works for 2018, which is going to be my time to shine.
amongst other projects, an invitation to a collective book in autumn 2018, a cross-media project with a poet and a musician and more work/life balance.