Meeting of Styles: Dharma Karma

I participated in Meeting of Styles 2014, an international graffiti jam, which went down in Magdeburg, Germany (aerosol arena) The theme was “cause and effect“, so I interpreted it as Dharma/Karma, which kinda fitted to my approach to graf-like expressions. It was a collaborative wall, with more than 9 persons, coordinating the walls theme and the overall composition. Definitely a learning experience, and I am up for getting my mark on the wall next year.

Meeting of Styles: YOGA

In 2015 I was the only danish guy painting at Meeting of Styles – Wiesbaden, so I got a new artist name: Mads (Denmark;). The wall was a collaborative work, within the theme of “mind over matter“, where my fixation on YOGA was expressed in that wall. I got the top spot (staircase) which was strenuous, since passengers for the train went up and down the stairs, which resulted in moving the ladder every now and then…even more NOW, than then…