Commissioned work

Mads Sonne Bremholm is respresented at the community ARTBOOST, where he is featured with both a webshop and in the business segment. and is the artist behind LETTERSCAPES, which is a concept and philosophy combing letters, shapes, colourfulness, sharp lines, organic lines into a type-based “worlds” from words.

“Letters are energy, so when they are combined, words become “worlds” or universes to explore”

I have done several commissioned works, combining my approach to painting and arts in a format such as gifts, birthday paintings, accessories, contextual paintings, interior decorations and even deceorations of loudspeakers.

Making unique canvas work as commissions or company gifts, can be a way of reframing and redefining the brand value, using symbols from the products or services produced, artefacts.

Brand IDs can be applied to other mediums such as larger works, walls, corporate abstract/identity brand building, be scaled and whilst producing the artwork, as a company co-creative workshop, can be facilitated where employees pool in ideas and concepts, which can bring forth a better working environment, and perhaps even increase the employee wellbeing, retention or even talent attraction.

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– If you have any specific requests or are curious to know, how you can get more colours in your home, as unique gifts or on the walls, then send me a mail