Werkstatt167 is an urban hangout and creative space with focus on street food, situated in an abandoned old shipyard.
The job was to decorate and refurbish the central pillars throughout the restaurant and thus invited 6 different artists to express their take on how the urban space could be inspirational, decorative for the 200+ seatings in the restaurant
I have done interior decoration before and I pply my method of combining letters, lines, organic and abstract lines to create a setting suitable for dining & dancing

I used the letters of B&W, circling around the pillar in height of 6 meters, 50 cm wide on each side. The process of painting was done building the letters, the shapes, the added effect and extensions, diagonal lines crossing over and using the corners as elements. Continuing the lines around the corners, connecting and making the totality one consistent experience, when viewed from different angles.

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Using a combination of spray paint, brushes, coverpaint meant that I could apply my letterscapes upon larger surfaces. Painting on lifts, as well as application of my style in vertival spaces was first time for me. The feedback already received was that the audience looks very forward to immersing oneself, get lost in the lines and letters, while being present.
Imagine dancing, listening to the rhythms, and letting the eyes and mind dance up and down the pillar.
See you there

A local newspaper also covered the refurbishment and artistic renewal created at Werkstatt167, so it became a full page featuring me and the other artists